Rishabh Nautiyal

Fresh Graduate (2022): Computer Science  rishabh.nt99@gmail.com

Following my passion with a degree!

Hi! I am Rishabh, a fresh graduate in computer science student from the City University of Hong Kong. I am an experienced Software Engineer, focusing primarily on Full Stack development in React and NodeJS. I have gained valuable industry experience of more than 2 years via various internships. Additionally, I am also a Machine Learning enthusiast. I have covered Machine Learnign and AI extensively through my academic curriculum and have in-depth knowledge of the same. Having worked in both both fast paced startup and extremely big organisations has prepared me for my next role!
I am self motivated, result oriented and hardworking and am always willing to learn and grow not only as a developer but also as an individual. I hope to work with the latest technologies to create, develop and deploy simple, interactive and efficient web bases solutions to solve modern problems and create an impact.

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Full Stack Developer - Intern

Peeba (E-Commerce Startup)

  • End to end feature development for webapp using ReactJS, Redux, Material UI, and Node JS along with PostgreSQL backend.
  • Migrated Email Campaign from Mailchimp to SendGrid saving company approx. USD 250 per month.
  • Developed task automation pipelines using Airflow scheduling.
  • Developed Docker images and deployed them in k8s containers.
  • Reduced website loading times by 2x.
  • June 2021 - May 2022

    Full Stack Developer Intern

    Hospital Authority

  • Webapp development in React and Dotnet, with SQL.
  • POC project for webapp migration to open-source technologies like MySQL.
  • Software Testing in Java via TestNG on Cucumber framework.
  • September 2020 - May 2021

    Data Analyst / Web Developer

    CityU English Department

  • Designed and developed a website for a research project on Computational Linguistics with a corpus of over 200 files.
  • XML data extraction and analysis using Python.
  • January 2020 - August 2020

    Lead Web Designer


    I was the lead web designer at e-dible (a New-Delhi based Internet Startup). I launched their web-platform on wordpress and conducted intenship for school kids at the company.

    May 2020 - Aug 2020


    City University of Hong Kong

    Bachelor of Science
    Computer Science - Dual Elective Stream in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
    Graduated: First Class Honours

    September 2018 - July 2022

    Brightlands School

    Indian School Certificate (ISC, High School)
    Subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and Computer Science

    Overall Grades: 94.2%

    April 2016 - March 2018


    Software and Web Development

  • ReactJS, Redux
  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Material UI, Bootstrap
  • Scheduling and Automation with Airflow
  • Mailchimp, Sendgrid API Automation
  • Java, Python, C++
  • HTML5 / CSS / Javascript
  • Machine Learning and Data Analytics

  • Python
  • Tensorflow
  • PyTorch
  • OpenCV
  • Scikit-Learn
  • Advance VBA and Excel

  • Tools

  • Git
  • PostMan
  • Internet Service Manager

  • Adobe XD
  • Visual Paradigm
  • Netlify
  • Software Engineering Projects

    Privacy Preserving Collaboration System for Durg Discovery

    React, NodeJS, Python, Flask, Federated Learning

  • Created a progressive web application to facilitate collaboration among pharmaceutical companies in drug development research.
  • Implemented Federated Learning to completely remove the need to share the collaborator’s data.
  • Developed a React and NodeJS application with a Flask Server.
  • Application fully deployed on Netlify and Heroku
  • This simple and scalable collaboration system serves as a blueprint that can be extended to many industries.
  • Othello Game

    Project: Java

  • A command line based java game developed with all the Software Engineering Design Principles in mind.
  • Junit Testing and Algoriths to play against the computer.
  • Restraunt Reservtion System


  • Restaurant table booking system in java with features to smartly allocate tables based on availability and group size.
  • Co-Working Space Reservtion System


  • A Group Project to Prototype a Co-working space systems using Software Design Patterns and Principles
  • Websites


  • I have done multiple website projects including personal websites, websites for CityU and CityU Staff.
  • Machine Learning Projects

    Speech to Text Conversion and Summarisation

    Python: Speech_Recognition

    Model to convert Audio to Text using the SpeecRecognition library in Python. It furture included unsupersived topic modelling using gensim model to create a summary of the text and give a list of topics from the converted text.

    Credit-Card Defaulter Prediction

    Group Project: Python

    One of my first Data Science projects in Python. I used scikitlearn and applied various classifier functions like XGBoost, Random Forest, Decision Tree Classifier, Clustering analysis on a data set from Kaggle to predict Credit Card Payment Defaulters from the given attributes.

    Arieal Cactus Image Prediction

    Python: Tensorflow

    A Tensorflow CNN based project to recognize if an arieal image (satellite image) contains a cactus or not. The Project used various image augumentation techniques to improve accuracy and reached an accuracy of 96%

    Sentiment Analysis

    Python: Scikit Learn

    A Sentiment Analysis project on the Amazon_Unlocked_Mobile reviews dataset. The sentiment analysis was done using Bag of Words approach using CountVectorizer. I minimized the number of features based on TFIDF by setting the min_df to five and used n-gram techniques to give contextual meaning to the data

    AI Game Bot: Dots and Boxes


    An ML Project to play the game Dots And Boxes. I used to MinMax approach with Alpha Beta pruning and other game heuristics to create an AI Bot.

    Leadership Roles

    External Vice President

    Indian Students Association, CityU

    I currently hold the office of EVP at ISA CityU. My main responsibilities include engaging with external stakeholders such as Global Engagement Office, CityU and collaborate with other student associations in CityU such as International Students Association etc. I am also responsible for engaging with our sponsors and representing ISA CityU at any event. Moreover, I also lead the development and content creation teams for the ISA CityU Official Website

    Tech Head

    Change the Code, CityU Chapter

    Change the Code is a student organisation aminig to reduce the gender gap in STEM Majors. We do so by introducing High School girls to coding at an early age through our free, creative and interesting workshops. I am currently the Tech Head at the CityU Chapter and am also the member of founding committee.I am responsible for leading the development and delivery of these workshops.

    Core Committee Memeber

    Google Student Developer Club

    Developer Student Clubs are university based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies. I am a core committee member of DSC at CityU. We have worked on various projects in past and recently organised the CityHack 2021 in collaboration with CityU Student Residence Hall 02 IT Team.

    Exchange Participant Manager

    AIESEC in CityU

    I served two years in AIESEC in CityU. AIESEC is an international youth-run, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences. I was mainly responsible for managing CityU Students going on Voluteer Programs to countries like Egypt, Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc. I connected and collaborated with members of AIESEC in these destinations to provide a meaningful voluteer experience to the participants.

    Awards & Certifications

    • HackUST 2022: Engagement Award (Health Tech)
    • CityHack 2022: Champions
    • CityHack 2021: Champions
    • International Students Scholarship: 100% Tutition Fees Covered
    • 3 Dean's List Award


    Dr. Dung Hong

    Chief Technology Officer, Peeba

    "Rishabh has managed to learn all of them (used technologies) very quickly. He quickly applied the feedback he’s got. He jumped into areas that he has never been before, and made a lot of progress. While many interns mostly joined companies just to learn, Rishabh has found ways to make impacts" . . . See LoR

    Ms. Linda Lam

    Systems Manager, Information Technology and Health Informatics Division, Hospital Authority

    " Rishabh came in with a certain knack for machine learning, and a developing interest in more data science and artificial intelligence. However, within the first few weeks as a diligent student and a fast learner, he settled in quite well with the work related to full stack development. He was always willing to take up new challenges and was never hesitant to go beyond his horizon of learning " . . . See LoR

    Ms. Chong Lam

    Project Officer, Student Development Services, CityU

    " I've worked with Rishabh closely as his supervisor on a website-building project for City University of Hong Kong. He demonstrated his knowledge on web-making and excellent skills in various ucb-designing tools. Besides his familiarity with web-designing. Rishabh was also very punctual in terms of meeting the deadline" . . . See LoR

    Dr. Minming Li

    Associate Professor Department of Computer Science, CityU

    " Moreover, he has a wonderful personality, and has a strong desire for learning and growing his skills. He is a motivated individual with the potential to excel and flourish in any work environment. It is this will to work that drives him to do well in academics as well as other extra-curricular activities " . . . See LoR

    Dr. Peter Robinson

    Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science, CityU

    " Rishabh’s displayed excellent academic performance in Computer Networks. In this course, students had to implement a client/server architecture using socket networking functions. He obtained nearly full marks on his programming assignment (97.5/100) and displayed good coding skills " . . . See LoR